Therapeutic innovations for diseases of the nervous system with high unmet medical needs
Summary:  A French pharmaceutical company is specialized in developing innovative treatments for diseases of the nervous system with high unmet medical needs. Within the frame of its development as fully integrated pharmaceutical company, it is currently looking for new assets for its portfolio in the field of neurological disorders. This company is considering license and/or research cooperation agreement as well as joint-venture agreement.

Irish mining firm offering innovative recovery techniques for extracting base metal material from mine waste and assisting site remediation in closed mines seeks joint venture partners and/or service agreements across Europe
Summary:  The Irish company has designed a sophisticated extraction method for recovering base metals such as zinc, copper, lead, silver, etc. from existing mined waste. It can also assist in the cleanup of the contaminated area to safe levels by removing or isolating metal contaminants. The company is seeking commercial service agreements and /or joint venture partners to derived base metals from existing mine waste material and/or site remediation in old European mine sites.

Technology for low cost manufacturing of singly and doubly curved composite and plastic panels without a mould.
Summary:  This Dutch industrial company developed a solution to manufacture singly and doubly curved composite and plastic panels using numerical controlled production techniques. In this way an expensive mould is not necessary. They are looking for partners who are looking for technology to manufacture double curved panels to team with for architectural and construction projects. Cooperation based on a manufacturing agreement or a commercial agreement with technical assistance.

Easy scalable and sustainable route to antibacterial surfaces
Summary:  Italian researchers have patented a green and versatile synthesis of an innovative antibacterial hydrogel, based on silver nanoparticles capped with hydroxycellulose and performed at room temperature. This new method is characterized by low toxicity and environmental impact without the need of any kind of heating treatment so satisfying the typical industrial scale-up requirements. The researchers are looking for new partners for manufacturing and/or research cooperation agreements.

Romanian company offers cloud technology for booking, dispatching and fleet automation, under license or services agreements.
Summary:  A Romanian IT company has developed a proprietary cloud technology for management and fleet automation of the companies operating in the area of ground transportation, such as taxi, shuttle, cargo, deliveries, etc. The systems provide full control over the fleet, better time management and the reducing of the total costs of the company, especially fuel and personnel costs. The company is looking for partners to offer license and services agreements.

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