Russian-Bulgarian Business Forum: “Bulgaria as a Bridge to the European Union”

Industrial Center of the Republic of Bulgaria in Moscow organises Russian-Bulgarian Business Forum «The Bulgarian Business Day in Russia: “Bulgaria as a Bridge to the European Union” » jointly with the Russian Agency for Small and Medium Business Support which will take place on April 20, 2021. 

The Bulgarian enterprises interested in cooperation in the following fields: 
1.	Industry: mechanics, machine tools and equipment, working equipment - loaders and cranes, hydraulic systems, spare parts suppliers.
2.	Agriculture - dairy and beef cattle breeding.
3.	Light and food industry - fruit, vegetable and meat conservation.
4.	 Export of products to the EU and Bulgaria through Bulgarian commercial structures
The participation of companies from other relevant, innovative economic sectors and activities is also considered. 

The programme of the event contains:

•	Presentation on the topic: «Why to choose Bulgaria — or How to do Business in Bulgaria». The presentation is made by Center of industry of the republic of Bulgaria in Moscow
•	Presentation on the topic: «The development of infrastructure of supporting small and medium Russian enterprises in the context of the development of a European Enterprise Support Network»
•	Presentation of the investment capability of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation 
•	Presentation of Bulgarian enterprises
•	Presentation of Russian enterprises
•	B2В-meetings between Russian and Bulgarian participants (according to previously declared interests)
•	Consultations on entering the market of Bulgaria and the European Union
•	Consultation on registration of a legal entity in Bulgaria
•	Consultations on the acquisition of the status of a resident of the Center of Industry of the Republic of Bulgaria

Business or exhibition center's name:  Center of the Republic of Bulgaria in Moscow
City:  Moscow
Contact Email:
Contact person:  Чернов Дмитрий Александрович
Contact phone number:  +7(499)143-73-32
Country:  Российская Федерация
Event ID in the system:  1123
Event preview:  Please, register before April 19, 2021 via the link:
Event type:  Брокерское мероприятие
Event's beginning date:  04/20/2020
Event's closing date:  06/05/2021
Event's ending date:  04/20/2021
Link to the meeting's agenda:  http://een.ruitc.ru / http://een.ruitc.ru / http://een.ruitc.ru / http://een.ruitc.ru / http://een.ruitc.ru / http://een.ruitc.ru
Market Application Codes:  07004 Потребительские товары / 07003 Пищевые продукты и напитки / 05010 Welfare technologies / 05004 Медицинское оборудование / 02007 Компьютерное программное обеспечение / 02006 Компьютерные услуги
Organization holding the event:  Center of the Republic of Bulgaria in Moscow
Technological keywords:  08002 Качество и безопасность пищевых продуктов / 08001 Технологии пищевой промышленности / 06001 Медицина, здравоохранение / 03004 Химическая технология и техника / 03001 Прочие промышленные технологии / 01004 Применение информационных технологий и телематики / 01001 Электроника, микроэлектроника

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